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Art album “Silver Magic” by Igor Vasiliadis

   Art album "Silver Magic" (ISBN 978-1468070514) consisting of 220 pages of information and  more than 100 Art nude, portrait and fashion photos by world known photographer Igor Vasiliadis. Foreword in English, German, French and Russian.
 Quality printed version will be available for order on soon. There are eBook versions of the album for iPhone, iPad, Sony reader, Barns&Noble's NOOK  and Kindle  published in respective on-line stores. The photo images are made using 19th century authentic wet plate collodion technology with 8x10" camera on blackened silver plates. Pure sculptural beauty of women frozen with long exposures arise to antique esthetics.

  Born in Greece and raised in Russia, photographer Igor Vasiliadis began his photo journey at the age of 8 in B/W film. Numerous exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, London, New York and Moscow among other places have presented different aspects of  his art to the world. Igor Vasiliadis’ exposure to Moscow, which is a gateway to fashion and top models worldwide has helped to support his artistic ability of photographing some beautiful and unique subjects.
  Igor Vasiliadis evokes a provocative style, but still maintains an artistic quality to the images. You can really feel the vibrations of the moment through his images.  In Vasiliadis’ own words, “I love old techniques and equipment with long, up to one minute exposures, because it gives time to the soul of my models to come out from deep inside. All vibrations of the body, all temporary emotions and insignificant thoughts reflections are averaged and disappear…All the magic of the real beauty stays and reinforces. Dark tonality, artifacts of drying emulsion and all the mystics brought by silver and cyanides create the world of mystery, covered from our eyes in temporary and momentary world.”
The worlds that Vasiliadis has captured in his photographs are a true example of art…one that has been shared and communicated so deeply with the audience. Truly magical pieces and one-of-a-kind. Vasiliadis shoots directly on blackened silver 8×10 plates activated with cadmium solts contained in emulsion – a procedure that is similar to wet plates used in the mid-nineteenth century, and modified with a technique that is truly his own. Then, they are scanned for large format prints or contact prints on albumen paper. This process gives us the signature look of Igor Vasiliadis’ pieces.
Igor Vasiliadis shares his thoughts on the images, “Sometimes you see real angel wings in the final image, sometimes you are shivering from seeing succubus… Poisonous vapors of substances used in the process of developing and emulsion ether, change your consciousness to the stage when you see things in a different way. The Future and the past are visible and are parts of the Same.”

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